Exploring Co-dependency in Relationships
  • I carry more than my fair share of responsibilities in the family, relationships, at work, etc.
  • I have a hard time saying, "No" to others even if I am busy, exhausted or in financial trouble without feeling guilty
  • I feel resentful when people are not grateful for all I do for them
  • I believe I can feel other people's pain
  • I have a compulsion to serve, help, fix, control, or please others
  • I have relationships, but I feel lonely
  • I think I just cannot measure up, no matter how well I do
  • I feel overly responsible for everyone and everything
  • I find it hard to accept help or compliments from others
  • I do not want to do anything that might make others mad at me
A 16 week adventure divided into two parts (Part I & Part II)
When:               Part I:  January 10, 2012 - February 28
                         Part II:  March 6 - April 24
                         5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Where:              New Beginnings Christian Counseling Services, Inc.
                         467 Lake Howell Road Suite 208, Maitland, FL
Fee:                  $40 per session 
Materials:          Co-dependent No More by Melanie Beattie 
                         (please purchase your book before January 10, 2012)                                    
To Register:      call 407-331-7717 
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Facilitator:       Jennifer Patterson, Student Intern
Supervisor:      Dawn Kendall, MA, LMHC