Services offered are: individual, marital, family, group, intensive workshops, intensive outpatient programs, supervision, speaking engagements and professional consultation.


Eating Disorders are multi-faceted and complex. A variety of influences can help contribute to the disordered eating behavior.

Our philosophy in treating eating disorders is to approach them as a symptom of a greater need or issue going on in the heart, soul, body and/or mind of the individual. Many times the eating disorder behavior is playing out the silent cry for love.  The eating disorder symptoms become the voice asking for boundaries, separateness from an overwhelming other,a need to be seen and heard, relief of pressures (internal or external), help with the internal fragmentation of the person in their relation to self and others, and control a variety of other related factors.

Each person's Eating Disorder will be respected as their unique way to get other needs met. We will work together to discover and heal those needs as well as refer to other related professions (Psychiatrist, Nutritionist, Physician) to ensure their whole being is addressed.

We have listed many organizations across the country to help the professional, individual struggling, or family and friend to gain education and awareness.

For eating disorder professionals; promotes effective treatment, develops prevention initiatives, stimulates reserach, sponsors international conference.

Provides educational information to parents and caregivers about the warning signs, dangers and
consequences of eating disorders.

Distributes listing of therapists, hospitals, and informative materials. Sponsors support groups, 
conferences, advocacy campaigns, research and a crisis hotline.

P.O. Box 7
Highland Park, IL 60035

Provides free and low-cost information on eating disorders and compulsive exercise. Booklets,
brochures, fact sheets and a monthly newsletter. See NEDO below.

A Residential Treatment Facility and Day Hospital Program for Individuals needing comprehensive treatment for anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorders.

The Center for Self Leadership is dedicated to the healing transformation of lives and cultures and serves as a critical link between therapeutic professionals and the wider community.

P.O. Box 3969
Oak Park, IL 60303
phone: 708-383-2659
fax: 708-383-2399

A 12 step self-help fellowship. This is a brand new 12 step program and really needs support and
new meetings started. It's a great program for anorexics and bulimics.

A website dedicated to offering hope, support and encouragement to those suffering from eating
disorders and their loved ones.

A network in Central Florida providing referrals and education to the community.

Dedicated to the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. Provides information and treatement
resources for all forms of eating disorders. Provides referrals to eating disorder practitioners,
treatment facilities, and support groups. Referrals to eating disorder specialist are offered at no
charge as a community service. In addition, offers general information to the 
public about the treatment and prevention of eating disorders and promotes social attitudes that 
enhance a healthy body image and self-esteem.

2923 Sandy Pointe Suite 6
Del Mar CA 92014

Dedicated to reserach and education with a primary focus on promoting healthy development for 
children, prevention and treatment for women.


A membership organization for professionals; provides certification, education, local capters, a
newsletter and an annual symposium.


Singer, songwriter, speaker and author of "Life Without Ed"

Online resources, information and educational handouts.

Sponsors Eating Disorders Awareness Week in February with a network of state coordinators and
educational info Conference and newsletter. Development of education and prevention programs

603 Stewart St. Suite 803
Seattle, WA 98101

Free and anonymous public outreach and education program offering people the opportunity to get 
information, take a written self test, meet one-on-one with a health professional and get a referral
for further evaluation if necessary.

A 12 step self-help fellowship; free local meetings are listed in the telephone white pages under
Overeaters Anonymous.

P.O Box 44020 Rio Rancho
NM 87174-4020

Helpful Websites 

Something Fishy
A comprehensive website dedicated to providing information and support for eating disorder sufferers
and their families.

Women Health Guide

Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center